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utomotive use
Inorganic EL Applications
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Automotive use

Sekonic's EL can meet the severe requirements of automakers.
Unlike LEDs, our EL is superior in power saving, flexibility, and versatility. Its extremely thin material with a minimum thickness of 0.1 mm enables the EL to be used even on a curved surface.
The EL can be used in a variety of applications, including lighting up the interior of an automobile. Our EL helps car owners decorate the inner space of their vehicles.
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3D-EL shaping

Sekonic developed three-dimensionally shaped EL for the first time in the world.
Luminescent 3D parts include luminescent operation panels and navigation systems. We assist our customers in developing new products.
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Instrumentation backlighting

Sekonic's EL is an ultra-thin material with a minimum thickness of 0.1 mm. Using its flexibility, you can create highly advanced product designs. The EL can be used for the backlighting of a wide range of analog instruments, meters, and other devices.
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Outdoor signs

The features of Sekonic's EL are high energy efficiency, high durability, and highly visible surface-emitting display.
The EL is used for lighting indoor and outdoor signs at night.
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Indirect lighting

Novel blind-type indirect lighting - a concept of combining indirect lighting with interior decorating that only Sekonic can offer.
Sekonic's EL features surface-emitting display that is easy on the human eyes.
In a room without natural light, for example, the EL can decorate the window as a blind during the day and be used as a light at night. The soft light from the surface-emitting display nicely brightens up the room space.