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Supports digital data storage in addition to analog recording

Best-selling ST-50 series hygro-thermograph recorder equipped with an electronic sensor.
This product realizes ease of use by adding a digital data storage function.

・Important measurement records can be backed up in CSV format.
・Up to 6 months record on chart paper
・Ideal for recording and managing temperature and humidity environments in clean rooms, animal breeding rooms, product warehouses, art galleries, museums, etc.

Product Name: Electric Hygro-Thermograph with Digital and Analog Recording Function ST-50M


矢印  Data can be saved to a memory card (SD card) Important measurement records can be backed up in CSV format.

矢印  Long term recording Easy-to-handle foldable chart paper allows for up to 6 months of recording.

矢印  Long-term stability, wide range measurement It has excellent linearity and stability, and can obtain highly accurate and long-term stable measurement results over a wide range of -20 to 80°C.

矢印  Sensor cable extension By using an extension cable (optional accessory), it is easy to install the sensor in a remote location or inside a device such as a constant temperature chamber and use it as an external monitor.


Semiconductor Sensor
High Molecular Electrostatic Capacity Sensor

-20 to 50℃ / -4 to 122゜F
-20 to 80℃ / -4 to 176゜F(with sensor Extension Cable)
20 to 90%RH(No Condensation)
0 to 100%RH(with Sensor Extension Cable, No Condensation)
Display(LCD) Resolution
Others:Dew Point
:Absolute Humidity
:LCD Display
0.1℃ / 0.1゜F 0.1%RH
-20 to 80℃ / -4 to 176゜F
0 to 100%RH
(-80 to 80℃ / -112 to 176゜F)
(0 to 290g/㎡)
Year, Month, Date, Time(24 hours)
Battery Checker, Alarm, Chart Speed, Setup Mode, etc
(Chart form)
Chart Paper
Working Width
Feeding Accuracy
Z-Fold Type, 12m / 39.37feet(Length)113㎜ / 4.45inch(Width)
100㎜(3.94inch)for record both Temperature and Humidity Sprocket
± 3㎜ / 0.12inch(at 12m / 39.37 feet. Long Recording)
Accuracy Temperature
±1.0℃ / ±1.8゜F at 0 to 50℃ / 32 to 122゜F
± 3 %RH(at 25℃ / 77゜F)
*Accuracy Guarantee Range on Humidity is 10 to 90%RH
Calibration Temperature
1 Point
1 or 2 Point
Recording Range User Selectable among ①②③ with Switch *Temperature
①-20 to 80℃ / -4 to 176゜F
② 0 to 50℃ / 32 to 122゜F
③±10℃,±25℃,±25゜F,or 50゜F
① 0 to 100%RH
②±10%RH or ±25%RH
Storage Storage Media
Capacity of recording
SD CARD(128MB to 2 GB)*1
Maximum 16 months(Recorded per 1 minutes)
Ambient Temperature
-20 to 50℃ / -4 to 122゜F
20 to 90%RH (No Condensation)
AC Adaptor Inlet
LR20, 1.5V x 4 pcs
Input 9 V 500mA
W x H x D(mm / inch),
㎏, lbs(Without Batteries)
300 x 245 x 105 ㎜ / 11.8 x 9.6 x 4.1 inch,
2.1㎏ 4.6lbs
Other Features Desktop or Wall Mount Socket ( 2 holes)
3 ㎜(0.12 inch)marking on Temperature / Humidity Recording Pen Position Adjustment Automatically, or with Switch
Standard Accessories LR20, 1.5V x 4
1 Pcs Chart Paper
1 Pcs Blue / Red Fiber Tip Pen
Option Accessories Sensor Extension Cable
( 5 m / 16.40feet, 20m / 65.62feet, 50m / 164.04feet)
Chart Paper( 5 Sheets / Box)
Chart Pen( 2 Blue & 2 Red pens)/ Box

・Features and Specifications are subject to change without notice.
・*1:This SD recorder is not supported SDHC format(4GB or more)


  Name of product Model number Explanations
Optional Accessories Extension Cable 5m HE04  
Extension Cable 20m HE05  
Extension Cable 50m HE06  
Alarm unit (threshold signal output for alarming) HE09 4 points common output of temperature and humidity upper and lower limit settings
Sensor probe HEAA  
Sensor probe (for China) HEAC  
Consumables Usual chart paper HEGA 5pcs/set
Usual chart paper (for China) HEGC 5pcs/set
Clean chart paper (for cleanroom) HE11 5pcs/set
Cartridge pen HEFA 2red & 2blue/set
Cartridge pen (for China) HEFC 2red & 2blue/set