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Case Study

● Case1:Entrance examination for public high schools in Tokyo

Back ground
・Number of candidates : Approx. 45,000
・Number of answer sheets to be marked by teachers manually : Approx. 250,000
・Timing of examination result announcement : 2 days after the examination
→This event had imposed heavy burdens on teachers who had been obliged to do lots of regular works simultaneously.
Our proposed solution
・Making questions with not only description type but also multiple choice type
・Faster and more accurate scoring of multiple choice type by OMR function and
・Efficient scoring of the description type by image capturing function and software
・Faster announcement of the results by our system
・Quick response to disclosure request of candidates’ answer sheets by using the electronic image data store
→Tokyo metropolitan board of education had strong interest in our proposal.
After several tests, Tokyo metropolitan board of education decided to introduce our system due to high performance and prompt support. At first, 20 schools tried our system in 2015. After the trial, almost all public high schools in Tokyo, approx. 200 schools, have been using it since 2016.