Software for OMR Scanner

* Layout setting:
Layout (template) can be prepared simply.
* OMR operation:
OMR scanner can be controlled by the MarkView software own.
(Select stacker / Printer / other error detection can be set in this software)
* Data Output:
Data can be output .txt, or .csv format.

* Image capturing (MarkView for SR-3500Hybrid):
Color/Grayscale/Monocrome image can save, Format can be choice GIF/JPG/PNG/TIF.

SEKONIC corporate a lot of software developers to use SEKONIC OMR scanner all over the world.
Their software has many unique functions to follow the request of customers.
Please contact them to have further information.

Software: Company: Website: Country:
DataLink Apperson Inc US
Evaldara Dara Informatica SLU Spain
Remark Classic OMR Gravic Inc US
TestAnyTime Datacap Computer Solution LTD. HongKong
Vision OMR / Optic View OMR India Outsources Pvt LTD. India