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Application examples in Japanese OMR scanner market

<Class evaluation> For OMR scanners, schools are the most popular place to use.
There’s using OMR scanners for the routine testing & scorings. Additionally, there’s getting popular to use the OMR scanner & mark sheet for the class (teacher) evaluation for the management schools, and improve the methods of teaching.
<Garbage disposal plant> The Citizens of several cities in Japan who use OMR scanner themselves at disposal plant when they bring their extra garbage from their house or office. Then, they fill their own information and the details of garbage into the entry form (mark sheet) to dispose it adequately.
<Ticketing booth> To purchase advanced ticket of the matches, audiences fill their preference into the application form (mark sheet) to get. These forms scans by OMR scanner in the ticketing booth and drawing immediately. They can have their own ticket at once.
<Long Term Care Insurance in Japan> Long Term Care Insurance system is established in 2005, and many local governments uses SEKONIC OMR scanner with the mark sheets designed for certification review (Interview) for the process of preliminary Judgment.
After the interview, these mark sheets is scanned with the physician’s (doctor’s) reports, and proceed preliminary judgment.