Commitment to the Environment

We are driving efforts to reduce environmental burdens in all our business processes such as development, production, sales, and services. To meet the corporate social responsibility of complying with environment-related laws and regulations and bringing safe, high-quality and attractive products to markets around the world, we have built an environment management system based on ISO14001 and ensure the implementation of the PDCA cycle. Becoming a regular member of the Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP) focused on cross-industrial activity promotion in 2012, we are striving to promote green procurement by introducing the concept and tools for appropriate information transmission in supply chains in order to respond to chemical substance management regulations.

Environmental Management

Environment Philosophy Sekonic'smission is to fulfill its social responsibilities and continue to exist permanently by ensuring that all members of its organization raise environmental awareness, enhance knowledge, and conduct business activities in human- and environment-friendly ways so as to preserve and improve the global environment.

Environmental policy 1.We comply with all laws, regulations, and agreements related to business activities as well as other requirements for environment preservation.
2.We seek to reduce the use of chemical substances having large environmental burdens, use resources effectively, and curtail energy consumption and waste material in business activities.
3.We prevent noise and pollution of air, water, soil, etc., which could occur on the premises and affect surrounding areas, and preserve the environment in the neighborhood.
4.We establish an environment management system and, based on environmental impact assessments,set, review, and continuously improve environmental objectives and goals.
5.We disclose necessary information to government organizations and local communities.
6.We ensure that these environment policies are understood to all members of our organization through education and dissemination activities while at the same time publishing the policies to the general public.

Environmental Management System ISO14001 Certification Body:UL DQS Japan Inc.
Certificate registration no.:20002631UM
Valid until:2018-09-14