Quality Policy

For the purpose of bringing safe, high-quality products to customers, we have obtained ISO9001 certification and are making continuous improvements to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Quality management systems

Quality Philosophy By entering and understanding the market and continuing to provide products and services that meet the QCDE requirements of the market in a timely manner, we strive to raise the level of satisfaction not only among customers but among all other stakeholders as well and aim to become a company with social trust and a strong presence in society.

Quality policy 1.We comply with laws, regulations, and other social requirements related to us, as well as customer requirements.
2.We set quality targets, review them at regular intervals, and ensure the implementation of the PDCA cycle to attain those targets.
3.We conduct management reviews to keep our management system effective and ensure that all employees strive to make continuous improvements.
4.We seek to realize optimum processes by making effective use of management resources.
5.We prevent non-conformities from occurring by shifting the focus from reinforcing corrective measures to promoting preventive measures.

Quality management systems ISO9001 Certification Body:UL DQS Japan Inc.
Certificate registration no.:20002631 QM08
Valid until:2018-09-14